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Know Your Soil!

Join Soil Specialists Jacopo and  and uncover what means to create healthy soil. Understanding its life using a microscope - take your soil to the next level!
This four day programme will teach you the Theory an history of soil and its benefits for agriculture and climate change mitigation. You will learn how to make your own liquid biostimulats, assess them with a microscope and how to apply it. Recording results of your soil testing and use the microscope.

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What will you learn?

How to use a Microscope

With a microscope, you can understand what's happening in your soil.

Make your own soil kombucha

Learn hoe to produce, test and apply Biostimulants  sustainably.

Regenerate your soil

Learn all about soil health and what can you do to restore soil biodiversity! 


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The workshop will cover topics ranging from understanding soil and its importance to exploring the soil microcosm, mastering soil assessment techniques, and implementing practical solutions for soil enrichment. Soil testing under the microscope and recording results.

Enrol now at EIT Ruatoria Learning Center, 12 Hekiera Road, Ruatoria or email Bridget at

Dates: 19, 20 April , 3 and 4 May 2024
Time: 9.00am to 2.30pm

Cost: FREE*

Location: EIT Ruatoria Learning Center, 12 Hekiera Road, Ruatoria
For more information, contact:
Bridget French-Hall
06 869 3187 | 027 2526944

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