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Soil Health Assessments

Using advanced microscopy techniques, we delve deep into the intricate world beneath your feet, gaining insights to balance the soil specifically for your crop.

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Our Soil Health Assessment service is designed to provide valuable insights into the health and vitality of your soil's microbial community. By analyzing the biological composition and activity within the soil, we gain a deeper understanding of its overall ecosystem. This assessment helps us uncover the presence of beneficial organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and nematodes, as well as potential issues like nutrient imbalances or harmful pathogens.

Through laboratory techniques, we assess key indicators of soil biology, including microbial biomass, fungal-to-bacteria ratio, number and nature of predator protozoa and much more. The results allow us to gauge the overall health and functioning of the soil ecosystem. This knowledge serves as a foundation for developing tailored soil for your crop, optimising nutrient cycling, and promoting a thriving soil environment.

Our Soil Biology Assessment service provides you not only with a baseline of your soil condition but also gives you actionable insights to improve soil health and unlock its full potential. 

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Base level Assessment


This assessment will offer you insight into the basic level of soil food web: Bacteria, It will enable you to identify the biomass of bacteria in your soil and start working towards balancing the ratio in favour of your crop.


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Standard assessment

The Standard soil assessment iclude the basic assessment it will offer insight into the level of Bacteria, Fungi, and Protozoa. We are unveiling the elements of nutrient cycling in your soil.


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Premium assessment

The premium soil assessment is a comprehensive analysis of your soil food web it will offer insight into the level of Fungi, Bacteria, Protozoa, and Nematodes.


Prepare Soil sample

How to prepare your soil sample

To access a comprehensive soil sampling guide and the corresponding soil testing form, please click the button below for easy download.

Please remember to send us the soil form with each test request

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