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About us

Radice from the Italian word "root" emerges from a decade-long sustainability journey in the primary industry, curating the finest management practices from diverse sectors like dairy, NZ native reforestation, beef and lamb, horticulture, and berry production. 
As the primary sector undergoes rapid transformation, we leverage these practices alongside our unwavering commitment to innovation, to provide unique bespoke solutions. 

Our enduring goal remains unchanged: 
To assist you in producing healthy, top-quality food while safeguarding the environment and securing your future. 
We offer resources, advice, and strategic planning to keep your Agribusiness ahead of the market curve, proactively prepare for new regulations, and climate challenges, and to capitalize on sustainability market opportunities. 

Moreover, we extend our support beyond sustainable management, utilizing our marketing expertise to help you build an engaging brand story that resonates directly with your customers.

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The Team:


Jacopo Orazi AgroEcologist

We are excited to introduce Jacopo, a passionate advocate for sustainable agriculture, who joins us at Radice. With a strong background in Science and Technology for Agriculture, Jacopo's expertise spans from sustainable food production practices to NZ native flora conservation. His dedication to developing environmentally and economically sustainable systems, combined with his diverse experience in the agrifood sectors, makes him a valuable addition to our team.

With Jacopo's expertise and dedication, we are confident in our ability to make a lasting impact on sustainable agriculture. Join us in welcoming Jacopo to the Radice team as we work together to cultivate a brighter future for farming and our environment.

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